Become a star. Liza’s birthday party

Date: 18/12/2015
For her birthday Lisa wanted to become a star. With the help of Alexgrim studio her dream came true. Our entertainer brought the talents of our little guests to the light in the very beginning with the help of various creative competitions. After that a magician not only showed them various tricks, but also uncovered the secrets of his profession, so that the kids could have become illusionists as well. After lunch our guests saw a fantastic chemistry show, where they saw fascinating experiments, tried ice-cream made with nitrogen and took part in experiments, becoming little professors of chemistry. Then they had a dance class, where they not only could have shown their dancing skills and learn the moves, but also sparkle at the disco with laser show. At the end of the party kids were amazed by Leks, a beatbox champion of Moscow and Russia 2011. Finally, all the small guests and Lisa became real stars with the help of Alexgrim studio.
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