Face painting for children

Аквагрим – залог успеха любого детского праздника!

Face painting is a key to success for every child’s party!
Face painting is a fun and colourful paintings on face for children and adults with special hypoallergic colours for face painting. Our professionals are experienced face painters from ALexgrim studio will create anything you would like (let your creativity guide you – it can also match your dress) and you will get the maximum of your child’s happiness and gratefulness.
In contrast to other companies, who offer, as a colour for face painting, a gouache mixed with soapy water, we make our paintings with special colours, which are easy to remove and do not irritate your skin as they are non-toxic (professional colours such as Kryolan (Germany), SNAZAROO (UK), TAG (Australia). As for now, these colours are world leaders for beauty of the painting and the safety for kids.

A face painter is a must for such events as:

  • Birthday party, where a child can turn into his or her favorite character – it is a present to look forward to!
  • A party at school or on a children’s theatre show face painting will be a great addition to the costumes and a finishing touch for a magical look.
  • Opening of children’s shops and entertaining malls in Moscow – the kids will be happy to get such a present
  • Make an unforgettable children’s matinee with fun and magic face painting!
  • Important events (a wedding, a fancy dress party, Halloween and many more)

аквагример на мероприятие

Face painting for children

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Prices start from 2500 rub per hour!

What is face painting for children and adults?

Face painting is an art of creating an image with the help of water-based cosmetic colours, which do not irritate skin and are totally safe for a gentle children’s skin. The quick-drying colours can be layered and are easy to be removed from face or cloth. Moreover, the paintings stay bright on children’s faces until the first wash, and, with the use of glitters the painting becomes even more beautiful. Face painting is and outstanding technique, which combines the art of theatre makeup, watercolour painting and usual makeup. Face painting colours were created by the leading cosmetic companies in the 60-s of the XX century, after which the technique became widespread on the West, winning children’s and adults hearts, and only 10-15 years ago face painting became popular in Russia. The technique of face painting is similar to painting with watercolour: colours are applied with damp sponges and brushes.

Why face painting is so popular among children?
Fun and fascinating addition to every children’s party – face painting for kids – is a unique opportunity to become a fairy character, a princess, a butterfly, a pirate, a tiger, a cat, a Spiderman, a Batman or any other character of your choice. Face painting will make your celebration party bright, fun and unforgettable. The most interesting thing is that kids enjoy not only the final result, but the process as well, which they follow with the eyes wide open and look at the work of a face painter, wondering how, with the help of a brush, their favorite characters are being brought to life and can’t wait for their turn. Some of our little friends manage to try out several completely different images as the painting is easy to be removed with water and soap. The popularity of face painting is growing every day and it becomes the favorite addition to the party alongside with a birthday cake, ice-cream, balloons and clowns.
You want to order a face painter for a party? We have many photos of our works on our website (photos of a fairy face painting, a butterfly, a wolf, face painting for a celebration, face painting for girls and a lot more).
Also you can order a face painter for your child’s celebration. We organize workshops on face painting for children and adults and you can make a face painting for your child with your own hands and surprise your guests! The price and the number of face painters depend on the number of requested hours. The more hours you order, the less is the price per hour. We use the best colours for face painting and the paints from the world’s leading companies that specialize on body-art. You may learn the exact price by calling 8(495)721-54-22.

You can order a workshop for children as well!

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