Hire a cotton candy machine

Sweeeet! Yummy! Cotton candy!

What is the biggest dream of both young and grown-up sweet tooth? Of course, it is cotton candy! This unforgettable, melting in the mouth delight will be a great addition to your party!

We will make your celebration sweeter!
Cotton candy is made with a cotton candy machine from a melted sugar. When it is being prepared, thin threats are wrapping round the stick and that is how they create a fluffy sweet cloud.

Hire a cotton candy machine with a vendor to a shopping mall on a corporate party welcome order
изготовление сахарной ваты аренда аппарата с кондитером в торговый центр на корпоратив велком заказатьWe are offering:

  • a cotton candy machine for an event
    (with a safety cover, capacity 100 portions per hour)
  • Cotton candy vendor for an event (up to 3 hours)
  • Decorated table for a cotton candy machine table
  • Assembling and de-assembling a cotton candy machine

Price 7500 rub

Additional services:

  • Hire a cotton candy trolley – 2000 rub for the whole event
  • Outside of a Moscow ring highway (from 500 to 1000 rub, depending on a destination )
  • Vendor’s work for more than 3 hours – 1000 rub per hour

You can as well order a popcorn machine (with a vendor)

Call right now and order a cotton candy treat right now 8(495)721-54-22
аппарат сахарной ваты аренда на мероприятие

Hire a cotton candy machine

Hiring a cotton candy machine means that for the money you pay us we offer you a cotton candy machine, the time spent for preparing cotton candy by our professional, a table, a tablecloth, sticks, sugar, a few secret ingredients and a delivery. This is what we called hiring a cotton candy machine.

Hiring a cotton candy machine

Cotton candy machine is an electromotor on a safe vibrating stand with a thermoelectric thread at the head of the machine, which warms up and welts sugar, and, with the help of an electromotor it is being sprinkled through a fine sieve under a big pressure and on the air thin streams of melted sugar turn into sweet threads that create a sugar web! Both children and adults enjoy the taste that they know from their childhood! The vendor shows to kids the whole process of making a cotton candy and sometimes even describes the processes that go inside the machine!

Hire a cotton candy machine – hire sweet clouds for children

Fluffy cotton candy will make every children’s holiday a true sweet miracle! As soon as a cotton candy machine from Alexgrim studio arrives at the children’s party, it becomes the center of attraction, as it is covered with funny colourful pictures. After our professional will serve everyone at the maximum speed – just in an hour our professional can make more than one hundred portions of a sweet treat – there will be the time for the guests to try to make cotton candy with their own hands. Our practice shows that every cotton candy has it’s own unique shape – from a cone to a ball. Don’t you wonder how will your child’s cotton candy will be like?

What about adults?

Will the making of a cotton candy and treating oneself with it be a good addition to the event for grown-ups? Of course! Cotton candy machine hire is a great idea for every corporate event or a party as it will bring home childhood memories.
To make an event even more vivid, you can make a colourful cotton candy – we either use a coloured sugar or add a little bit of a natural food colour. And here it is – ready-to-eat pink, yellow and green miracle!

Isn’t it unhealthy? Busting the myths about cotton candy
Yes, we know that a lot of people think that cotton candy is bad for your health as it is made entirely from sugar.
To twist one big cotton cloud you need only 1 -1,5 teaspoon of sugar! And, for example, a small pack of “M&Ms” there are more than five spoons of sugar, in a 100-gramm handful of candies – 11,5 spoons and in an ordinary chocolate bar – around 12 teaspoons! Furthermore, usually finishing one portion of cotton candy takes at least 10 minutes. Make conclusions!
Our verdict is straightforward: by hiring a cotton candy machine from Alexgrim studio both children and adults will enjoy the treat — from the minimum amount of ingredients, you get the maximum of pleasure for everyone and the minimum of sugar for a dessert.

Hire a cotton candy machine

Today it is not a problem at all to hire a cotton candy machine. The most important part is to choose the proper model of the machine so as sugar won’t burn, the syrup threads will be spinning round the stick in a right way and the whole machine will be working fast and flawless. It may take a long time to decide which model to choose, but not everyone will be interested in such a discussion. Therefore, so as to avoid the problems you do not need, professionals advise to hire a cotton candy machines from experienced companies with good reputation!

Secret of popularity

Why cotton candy has been attracting attention of both children and adults for such a long time? We suppose that the answer is the magic and alchemy! It may be interesting to know that despite the fact that the design and the utilities did undergo some changes, the underlying principle of the work is the same as at the end of the XIX century. It is not for nothing that in the past cotton candy or the miraculous silken thread (other names are candy floss, fairy floss or even tooth floss!) could have been tried out at circus, and the whole preparation process was presented to the audience as a miracle or illusion. Well, just imagine that from a few grams of crystalized sugar appears a huge figure made of edible floss! There were crowds of people who came to watch such a stunning show! Nowadays, as many years ago, hiring a cotton candy machine is still popular.

Cotton candy on a party

We will tell you a secret. It turns out that tasty cotton candy can be prepared at home. You just need to melt a sugar, just like for candies and then to hook a sugary floss with a fork and then do spinning movements around any stick. The size of a candy will depend on a speed of the spinning. However, for the children’s parties with many guests such a method can hardly be considered as an option. Hiring a cotton candy machine will help you out – it is way easier and more pleasant to treat both young and grown—up guests. Alexgrim studio offers hiring a cotton candy machine at a reasonable price as well as a service of our cotton candy vendor.

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