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Hire a popcorn machine

Popcorn is a great way to make your event even more fun!

Order popcorn for your event and you will see that all of your guests will appreciate your decision. Warm and crunchy popcorn is a good treat not only for children, but for the adults as well.

How does it look like?
We deliver a popcorn machine to your event and our vendor offers unlimited popcorn during the whole event.
We offer:

  • Popcorn machine (capacity 100 portions per hour)
  • Popcorn vendor for an event (up to 3 hours)
  • Decorated table for a cotton candy machine table
  • Assembling and de-assembling a popcorn machine

Price 12000 rub

Additional services:

  • Hire a popcorn trolley – 2000 rub for the whole event
  • Outside of a Moscow ring highway (from 500 to 1000 rub, depending on a destination )
  • Vendor’s work for more than 3 hours – 1000 rub per hour

You can as well order a cotton candy machine (with a vendor)
Call right now and order a popcorn machine right now 8(495)721-54-22

Hiring a popcorn machine

If you rent a popcorn machine at Alexgrim studio it means that you will get a popcorn machine, a table, wet towels, thrash bags, a tablecloth, popcorn paper cups (just like in the cinema), corn, a special salted liquid, a few secret ingredients, coconut butter and a delivery of everything mentioned above. And of course, tasty and low-calorie treat!

Hiring a popcorn machine

A popcorn machine is a beautiful box with a pan where corn is frying. As a butter we use coconut butter (some dishonest vendors use the sunflower oil – you can use this criteria to distinguish between non-professionals and professionals), then put the dried corn and some additives – either sweet caramel or salted spices, which is used to create the well-known yellowish colour and a famous traditional taste. That taste brings home the childhood memories and is adored both by adults and children. If the kids are interested the vendor will be happy to describe how the crunchy and tasty popcorn was made!

Order popcorn for an event — how not to love it?

Sweet or salted, always crunchy and melting in the mouth… Whoa, popcorn! You may eat this air treat forever and it is so hard to stop! Ninety nine percent of children and the majority of adults can’t imagine going to the cinema, to a fair or to the park without a cup of favorite air popped corn. So what do you think about hiring a popcorn machine and load up one’s stomach with freshly made corn and to watch how funny they pop while heated and how they turn into delicious whitish flowers? Call Alexgrim studio and we will help you to make your dream come true!

Energy source and a way to keep fit

Popcorn contains a lot of carbohydrates, it is a great source of fiber and is low in calories. Popcorn is a great treat for children of all ages and for those who want to keep fit. Everybody knows that kids need a lot of energy to play and misbehave, especially on a celebrations and parties. But how to find a source of energy which would be pleasant for children, won’t overload their digestion system and that will not spoil the appetite before the main course? Hire a popcorn machine and you will solve all the problems in one go! If properly prepared, corn nourishes, fills with energy and, what is more, it is good for digestion.
The most important is to know when enough is enough, and popcorn is not an exception.

How to make popcorn even more fun?

To make a party even better you can create cards with interesting facts about popcorn and it’s history (easy to be found on the internet), so as the guests can drag them and read the stories out loud. Also, you can suggest to imagine themselves as a native Americans. You can “meet” the Americans and in a festive manner present them with a bag filled with popcorn, decorate your hair with popcorn an Indian style and even try to make a unique garnish out of it. Even for those, who had been indifferent to popcorn before, it would be a great experience to try out the grains which were used by ancient people to make soups and beer, and that has been existing on Earth for more than five thousand years.

How to make an order?

As soon as you have decided that you want to treat your guests on an event with popcorn, call Alexgrim studio to order a popcorn machine for your event!

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