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Workshops on processions “City of artisans”

Workshops on various professions:

  • A fascinating workshop on chemistry. We will learn how to mix reagents to make colourful worms and mash’ems, will cook a soap porridge and create a super fog from 14500 rub

  • You will learn the craft of a circus artist, blow giant bubbles and throw beautiful colourful stripes from 6500 rub

  • Magical workshop on various illusions from 16500 rub

  • A workshop for the real men – we will make birdboxes, learn how to safely nail the decks and much more from 9500 rub

  • A musical program for children – develop your vocal skills and sing songs from 6500 rub

  • A workshop on creation of a beautiful hand-made kaleidoscopes, study the stars and the universe and everything from 9500 rub

  • Carry out a dinosaur excavation and make plaster casts of animal’s footprints from 6500 rub

  • Learn new computer technologies and design a robot from 15000 rub

  • Learn how to respect mother nature and make things out of “garbage” from 6500 rub

  • Study various architecture styles, design new buildings from cardboard, paper and other materials from scratch from 6500 rub

  • Build bridges, churches and houses from mini-bricks and learn the secrets of building from 9500 rub

  • Learn the basics of art and paint a large picture from 6500 rub

  • Create and publish your own calendar from 6500 rub

  • Learn how to write in a beautiful way from 8500 rub

  • Create fashionable dresses and accessories from paper or paint on bags/t-shirts from 7500 rub

  • Create your own characters and a cartoon program! From 10500 rub

  • Study driving regulations and drive cool sport cars from 12500 rub

  • Create a unique look and learn how to make hairstyles and use hairsprays from 9500 rub

  • Learn how to plant, make funny growing grass toys, which you can trim from 9500 rub

  • Learn how to cook! Healthy and tasty salads, pancakes/fried eggs/scrabbled eggs/sandwiches from 15000 rub

  • With the professional dancer learn the dance moves and then dance altogether from 9500 rub

  • Study various photo styles (reportage, portrait) from 6500 rub

  • Pass the standard requirements, improve your physics and play active games from 3500 rub

  • A workshop on a first aid from 7500 rub

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